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A Little About Lubuntu

Lubuntu is a light-weight adaptation of Ubuntu. Designed to run on older systems lacking the resources nessisary to run Ubuntu or even Xubuntu, Lubuntu was created to fill the gap on the low end of the spectrum. Lubuntu is in no means slow, either, it uses the fastest lightest least process intensive applications to provide you with a versatile desktop environment free of lag on even the slowest of hardware. Lubuntu can run on 12 year old hardware at decent speeds.

Pre-Install Checklist

Before you actually install Ubuntu you are going to want to make sure that you have done the following.

  1. Do You Have The Lubuntu Live CD
  2. Have your Windows Install Disk (If Applicable) if anything goes wrong (all ways have something familiar to fall back to)
  3. Back Up Your Data Off Site
  4. When Dual Booting Windows Vista Or 7 always use the Windows Disk Management tool to partition your computer. Do not allow the Ubuntu installer to install Ubuntu Side  By Site. this is fine with Windows XP but can break Vista and 7.
  5. Have some way of getting help if something goes down hill. I.E. Another working computer.
  6. Make an account at so you can post your problems there.

Lubuntu Live CD [ IMPORTANT!]

Before you can even consider installing Lubuntu you need an install CD or DVD these are rather easy to obtain and or create using your computers CD/DVD burner. Basically you need some kind of installation media. You are not limited to a CD or DVD but you can also use a USB Flashdrive or a Memory Card. Below is the video tutorial covering the creation of an Lubuntu Live CD from Windows. For the tutorial below we will be using the Imgburn application. Download Imgburn Here . As for creating a Bootable USB Flashdrive please see this post.

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Install Lubuntu

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This Ubuntu Video Tutorial covers the installation process of Lubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat. This video uses the default settings to install Lubuntu as your default operating system. This is both the simplest and most effective way of using Lubuntu. Please be aware that by installing Ubuntu in the manor shown in this Video will completely erase any data stored on your hard drive. Backing up said data is a mandatory act if any data is being installed.

Basics Videos On The Way!



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Installing Lubuntu 10.04

In this video I show you how to install Lubuntu 10.04 using the default settings.

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Lubuntu is ubuntu at its core but It uses LXDE window manager instead of Gnome window manager. It is designed for older computers that have to few resources for a more advanced operating system.




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