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About Ubuntu Video Tutorials

This website is dedicated to providing you Video Tutorials in the field of Ubuntu. We take you through the process step by step until you have gained the knowledge necessary. Community support is a powerful force but when the people with  the knowledge can’t reciprocate it,, there becomes a problem. we try to alleviate the problem by producing video tutorials on anything people request. From installing Ubuntu to getting Xbox Media Center running on it, we cover all kinds of situations. Please take a look around, leave a comment, and if it isn’t to much of a problem help spread the word with one of the conveniently placed social media buttons. Oh and take a trip back in time with the Recycled Video Of The Week!

About Me

My GravitarHi My Name Is Tobias but most of you will know me as Techunit, or Tunit.  I am a photographer located in Northern Minnesota and Ubuntu Enthusiast. I am a member of several communities including the Community, Ubuntu Community, and Community. I have been using Ubuntu since late 2008. Before that I used mainly windows due to my shackles to photoshop and other windows only photographic software. In terms of linux I may have amassed a large knowledge of the platform but I will never have learned it all.

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About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a open-source linux based operating system that was founded in 2004 by Mark Shuttleworth. It is based on the Debian Linux Distribution, but aims to deliver a reliable product on a regular schedule. Currently Ubuntu Is the most popular linux operating system in use today with an estimated 12 million users. While this pails in comparison to Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OSX, the fact that it is distributed freely at no charge makes a huge difference. Ubuntu is distributed primarily from its homepage at and is clearly marked as being free. It is released of a set schedule every six months in April and October. Support for the operating system is sold, but unlike Microsoft this support is technical support instead of security patches and updates. Also unlike Microsoft and Apple, software available for Ubuntu can be found more easily because of the built in software manager. because of the nature of Open-source software it can be compiled to work on any system.

Ubuntu has many advantages over Windows and Mac OSX do impart to its generally low adoption rate. Ubuntu is immune to Windows, and Mac Viruses, and only 800 viruses are estimated to have been designed to target linux. This makes Ubuntu much more secure than the big two (Windows and Mac OSX). Another security factor is the separation of administrative tasks from normal applications, and the more secure system of delivering administrative control. Ubuntu, like many other linux based operating systems require a Password to be imputed every time an administrative task takes place. Also you cannot access the file system (except the home folder) without administrative privileges, and these privileges require you to access a terminal to complete them. Though Ubuntu and other linux distributions are vulnerable to a specialized form of virus called a root kit, but because of the nonuniform nature of linux distributions and different forms of security in place it is very unlikely to contract such an infection. Ubuntu also features a built in firewall to protect your computer from infections over the network.

Updates in Ubuntu are distributed often with security updates and software updates. Unlike windows which is limited to updating only its own components due to the open nature of most software available for the operating system all programs can be updated through the software center, so long as they don’t interfere with the built in security system on Ubuntu. For Example version updates for Mozilla products will not be applied until they are implemented by the OS in its next release. The way around this is to add a source to the software management system to enable the software to be updated. Special software to do this is freely available.

Support for ubuntu is delivered through a community of users willing to support others who need help in the form of forums. The is one of the most popular and has thousands of users. These forums consist of users who have had problems with Ubuntu, fixed them and pass-on there knowledge.

The current version of Ubuntu is Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx LTS, released April 29th 2010.


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