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September 22, 2010 / Tobias Mann

How To Install & Gnumeric

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In this Ubuntu Video Tutorial we will be looking at installing and using Gnumeric spreadsheet. For this tutorial we will be using the Ubuntu Software Center to install Gnumeric, then we will outline the basic functionality of Gnumeric. Please note we do not actually cover the actual use of Gnumeric. We cover the basic functionality. Gnumeric is a light weight spreadsheet program similar to that of MS Excel or OpenOffice Spreadsheet. It operates under the same principals as the aforementioned programs, but some features may not be as complete or as well designed. The interface and layout is fairly similar in contrast. If your computer is getting a little old to run the latest release of OpenOffice (not likely) then this is a great alternative. Many people complain that OpenOffice is to cluttered for real use, and I do agree with them a little. Gnumeric is far less cluttered and offers a simple adjustable interface. I would highly recommend you try it.


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