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September 13, 2010 / Tobias Mann

Whats New This Week? [Late Edition]

Fantastic New Time Restrictions:

Many of you might have heard about my starting University again. This means that I will not have much time to produce video tutorials of any kind. Now of course I am still looking for ideas and this is still a major problem, at the moment. I need good ideas from my readers and more comments, I am in a serious need for support from my readers and views. As a result of these time restrictions I will produce a video tutorial on a basis of times a week every other day starting on Monday. Sunday will of course feature a new “Recycled Video Of The Week”. Saturday will be be reserved for “Whats New This Week”. For now I cannot guarantee there will always be new videos tutorials if I do not start getting suggestions.

Maverick Meerkat Productions Begin:

The production of videos for the release of Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat are in production! Videos for Ubuntu are guaranteed for October 9th 2010. These videos will include the basics series of Ubuntu. I will attempt to produce limited Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, and Edubuntu install and basics videos for that date but I am unclear of the time available to me for such pursuits.

1st. Contributing Author:

A few months ago I called on people interested in helping with the project to contact me. While I did not get any responses concerning the project, author Nathan Dyers has agreed to be what I will call a contributing author. He operates a  blog on Open-Source Software Reviews. He has graciously agreed to allow me to post segments of his reviews on pertinent tutorials. If you have a proposition for how you could contribute, let me know and i will see what we can work out. I would like to thank Nathan Dyers here, for his contributions.

A Note To The Unscrupulous:

As of late I have been encountering a large amount of comment spam. Now I am sure that those of you who wish to take advantage of the website won’t find this, or even care to look, but I will say this anyway, We do not tolerate spam of any kind. Links to pertinent content is always allowed, but spammy messages will not be tolerated even if sincere. Why you ask? I do not moderate for spam. I allow akismet to do so for me. I do check for legitimate comments so I can communicate with readers better, but that is as far as I go. I delete the spam catch at the end of the day, and I do not check for false positives. You may say: what if I only have a little to say and it gets interpreted as spam? This is highly unlikely, the spam filter works by checking the origin, the message, and the email address, associated with it. These attributes are unlikely to affect real users. If it happens to happen, send me an email asap and we will work something out.

edited: Sep 15, 2010, to correct the tone of the last paragraph. Many thanks to Doc for the comment and your concerns.



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  1. Doc / Sep 15 2010 12:31 pm

    Comments on commenting….

    First, if it’s really computer spam, adding a human-confirmation feature will probably deter much of this traffic.

    Second, as a busy lady, I can tell you that it’s very common in my line of blogging (healthy lifestyle) to leave and receive short messages, such as ‘Great post…I have one like it too’ or ‘If you like that product, check out this one’. You’ll notice they are very short because we all are so busy and it’s just nice to know that other people have time to come to read your blog and/or relate to it.

    That said, you may want to reconsider your harsh tone on comment moderation, lest you deter all well-meaning commentors. The BEST blogs I have read deftly and silently remove such spamilicious content. The spammers want attention and if you don’t give it to them, they will move along elsewhere.

    • technologyunit / Sep 15 2010 3:57 pm

      I apologize about how that my have sounded. I use a Spam blocking tool native to that automatically blocks Spam messages, that being said, I receive so much spam on a daily basis that I am no longer moderating the Spam folder (what goes in gets deleted at the end of the day). Generally comments should show up on the site no matter the message. The spam checker uses the message, the ip-adress, the links, and the email address associated with it to determine its status. All comments are moderated, read, approved, and replied to. and will continue to be. I was really just warning users that short messages can be picked up as spam, but in most cases, it is worded like a canned answer, so most of us who can write like normal people focused a subject that is at hand will have no problems. I am really not being strict at all, I am just making readers aware of the current spam filtering system in place and how to avoid having problems with it. I goes on to explain that Human produced spam my not be caught by the spam checker, but will be moderated by me.

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