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August 28, 2010 / Tobias Mann

Whats New This Week

1. New Look

Yes as most of you should know, on Friday I found a new theme that I felt fit the purpose of this site better. I felt that the old theme didn’t fit, it seemed both formal and homogeneous. I hadn’t made it personal enough. While the background may have helped it wasn’t perfect. Check out the rest of the story here

2. Plans For Ubuntu 10.1o Maverick Meerkat

Many of you may have been wondering what I planed to do when Ubuntu 10.10 came out. Well I will be working with the first RC to produce videos on upgrading* and installing so they can be ready for October 10th. Also I have made the decision to reproduce the Basics videos for every release and put them in categories, based on there code name. Why well with every release the basic tasks change ever so. One release might have you clicking the notification area one might have a totally different procedure. I will not be redoing general post videos unless requested by an individual. Install Videos will of course be created for the release date, and perhaps a short video review.

3. As Promised Video Wallpapers!

A few weeks ago I introduced the idea to make a custom wallpaper for the videos, to make them more personal to this website. Here are two of them please let me know what you think, and the one with the greatest number of good comments will be put in the videos for the next year! Option 1 Far left and Option 2 on the far right.


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