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August 27, 2010 / Tobias Mann

Duck Duck Go!

I am proud to introduce a new search Engine. Sorry if this seems repetitive but, as open-source enthusiast, I feel that I must tell my readers about this Open-Source search engine. Duck Duck Go offers you top quality search results with a guarantee that the results are organic. Many companies want to fast track there search engine optimization and hire clickers to click there website and shoot it to the top of the list of Google. While Google attempts to prevent companies from doing this by penalizing there ranking there are always companies that have found ways of doing it surreptitiously. So when you do a search you are less likely to find what you looking for on Google/Yahoo/Bing. Duck Duck Go attempts to alleviate this. Many times things such as Adwords from Google and similar services can improve the ranking of a website. Duck Duck Go doesn’t provide services like this and doesn’t accept those links in there ranking algorithms. I find it incredibly useful. I will be doing a 30 day challenge to see if I can use Duck Duck Go as my only search engine. I invite you challenge yourself as well.

To clarify I will still be using google services like gmail because I get my email through it. The only thing I will be using for search is Duck Duck Go.



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  1. nathandyer / Aug 27 2010 4:25 pm

    This was something I was looking for a month or two ago, and here it is! This looks very solid. I will take the challenge!

  2. Richard Holloway / Sep 25 2010 4:01 pm

    I looked at duckduckgo a few weeks ago and it is awesome. I am not sure I have crossed the 30 days yet but it must be getting close.

    I love the way you can just type “!youtube ubuntu” to get a youtube search or “!man ufw” to get a man page up. And in the event it finds only a few results, it kindly gives you a link to rerun the search in Google, so you loose nothing.

    duckduckgo goes it’s own way and works brilliantly.
    There is even a Firefox plug in for it to add it to your search engine box.

    • technologyunit / Sep 25 2010 4:13 pm

      Well I finished off my thirty days, and I have to say it wasn’t easy. The major problem revolved around my work, and time to care. I love Duck Duck go and I think the results are fantastic. If you search for Ubuntu Video Tutorials in DDG I am the second entry. On google I am 6th or seventh behind crappy websites that never went anywhere. I believe I should rank at least third behind the major producers of video tutorials. I am back on google for now, but only because that is what I am used to. It is hard to change. I managed m thirty days but I didn’t alway stick with DDG because I was moving across 5 Different machines on a daily basis causes some problems with this plan.

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