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August 26, 2010 / Tobias Mann

How To Install Ubuntu Studio Edition 10.04

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I this Ubuntu Video Tutorial we will be looking at installing Ubuntu Video Tutorials using the default settings. Ubuntu Studio Edition is a project to develop a custom version of Ubuntu to make studio projects such as audio production more friendly. It was designed to dispense with distractions and make the main application in use the priority. You don’t see many controls on the main panel, just a menu, clock and a shutdown menu. the menu as I said this OS is designed primarily for media developers, so there are only audio/video/graphical production software. There are no office and time management tools it is just designed for productivity.

This tutorial is very different from other tutorials we have looked at before. Why? well because instead of the conventional graphical installer we have become accustomed to we have to install Ubuntu Studio edition from a text based installer. This “Alternative Installer” as it is called among the communities is not unique, it is used to install most Linux Operating Systems. Ubuntu and other popular OSes have created graphical installers because they want the users to have as easy a  time as possible, but for computers with to little ram to run the graphical installer there are versions of each distro that use the “Alternative Installer”. Bottom line this tutorial is an unorthodox way of getting and unorthodox OS.


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