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August 21, 2010 / Tobias Mann

Whats New This Week

1. New Domain! My website is located at :

This week I considered my work adequate to purchase a domain. I felt that I had put so much work into this site that I had better make it more official. I was how ever unhappy to discover a $8 fee to keep my identity private. I was however unconcerned with a loss of Anonymity and would like to take credit for my work. For $15.00 I considered it a trivial fee for the countless hour I have put into this site and its videos. Perhaps I will add a donate button to the side panel of my site to cover the fees. Thanks for the support leading up to this decision.

2. No More Youtube?

Last week I said that the videos I had on YouTube would be re-uploaded. Since then I rethought my decision, and found there is no reason to upload a video twice so it can be enjoyed on more than one service. My videos are already available on several websites through . I do understand that I could upload my videos to and have them automatically sent to YouTube, but this seams like an Unnecessary step for me as a would have to convert the video again.

3. Guest Writers & Producers Welcome!

Beginning next week I will allow bloggers to write tutorials and produce videos for this site, if they are willing to produce original coordinated tutorials. For more information please contact me, about it and we will talk. Please understand that I am looking for people, willing to devote themselves to at lease one post/video a week for at least ten weeks. If you feel like your up to it or would like to write a weekly bit for the site then let me know. You can find my contact information under the “About” drop-down. I will  give instructions for creating a tutorial in the Email at this time.

3. New Signature Component

For the last several weeks I have been using the Humanity Theme in my posts because it is clear and simple. While unless I find another theme that is simpler and clearer I won’t be changing this I will be creating a signature wallpaper. You may have seen the background to the site already. This will be a part of wallpaper design. Any input concerning the change should be made on the suggestions page. Note: I will create 2 or three different versions to be voted upon!


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