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August 13, 2010 / Tobias Mann

Whats New This Week?

This week there have been many have been a few changes to Techunit’s Ubuntu Video Tutorials. That said I will explain them and give some reasoning. Most notably there have been 3 Major changes.

1. Recycled Video Of The Week:

Last week I decided based on my analytics many of my videos were being overlooked. I felt I might curve that trend by bringing up older videos to the font page and cycle them between popular and videos that seemed to go overlooked. If you find a video and you think that it should go on the recycled videos of the week let me know.

2. Subtle Theme Change:

Yesterday I decided that while my blog theme was functional and doing as I needed, It was getting boring. I felt I had to do something about it. So I fired up Inkscape and created a few concepts for a background. You may have noticed that some of them were a little ostentatious. I finally decided on three lines going down the side of the page was appropriate and simple enough not so send potential subscribers away.

3. A New Page Is Born:

You may have seen a few posts with the words [Temporary Post] In Them Recently. Well These referred to basic tasks that are not really that hard. These tutorials were designed to help those who are completely new and know very little about Linux and Ubuntu. The Page is located on the top menu under the “Install Ubuntu” dropdown menu. Have a quick look an give your opinion!

4. Youtube Channel Down!

What? I took my videos of youtube. Yes unfortunately last night while attempting to delete only the videos that I had uploaded to I managed to delete all of my videos off of Youtube. Never fear they will be uploaded again and this time with voice narration! Please try to understand that I did not mean do do this and I am sorry if you needed one on my videos that wasn’t already hosted on

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