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August 2, 2010 / Tobias Mann

How To Convert Video To OGG Theora

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In this Ubuntu Video Tutorial I will be showing you how to convert video files in to the Open-source format Ogg Theora with the tool Oggconvert. I will be showing you step by step how to install and use Oggconvert to convert you video files into the Ogg Theora format. Ogg Theora is a well supported Format that has reached frozen development so you won’t have to constantly reencode your media to continue to be able to play it… Ogg Theora also doesn’t have any licencing costs associated with it. Along with the fact it is well supported by most modern web-browsers so you don’t need to have the videos converted to flash to have them viewed. Firefox is a good example of this, it will open the OGG files with out any need for flash they have very simple controls for the media making it an exceptional way of broadcasting video… Though doesn’t support embedding Ogg video…


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