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October 9, 2010 / Tobias Mann

Welcome To Ubuntu Video Tutorials

This website is dedicated to providing you Video Tutorials in the field of Ubuntu. We take you through the process step by step until you have gained the knowledge necessary. Community support is a powerful force but when the people with  the knowledge can’t reciprocate it,, there becomes a problem. we try to alleviate the problem by producing video tutorials on anything people request. From installing Ubuntu to getting Xbox Media Center running on it, we cover all kinds of situations. Please take a look around, leave a comment, and if it isn’t to much of a problem help spread the word with one of the conveniently placed social media buttons.

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April 6, 2011 / Tobias Mann

An Unfortunate Decision

The End Of Ubuntu Video Tutorials may be upon us. Even though I have attempted to attract a community of people willing to help produce video tutorials along with me my time and patience for the art has dwindled. The task grows ever more complicated every year and I have neither the time or the energy to maintain this website any long. I will continue work on the projects goal through The website as It releases me from my responsibility. I have done alot to make this site work but the flow of traffic is low enough to say that it hasn’t been working very well. We will see what happens with 11.04.

However it seems likely that there won’t be a set of guides for its release.

January 22, 2011 / Tobias Mann

Small Update

The problems expressed in the podcast regarding the inability to use Unity Desktop in Virtualbox have been resolved and they are nothing to worry about. We will have extensive guides covering unity desktop and Ubuntu for next time! I’ll start working on the videos starting with the first edition to have a UI freeze.



January 3, 2011 / Tobias Mann

Synapse Desktop Search

I’ve always found apps like launchy, Gnome Do, and now Synapse useful, if not essential to an operating system. Allowing one access to there documents and applications with fewer clicks is always beneficial to the user experience. Basically with two key presses, a search bar is opened and further key presses you begin searching through your applications, and documents. You gain further options through pressing the down arrow.

December 26, 2010 / Tobias Mann

Years End Podcast

Over the last year I have accomplished alot, in creating a successful video tutorial website. As a special treat to you guys, I have created a short attempt at a podcast. Feel free to comment on its quality, and be sure to check out this link to my personal blog for info on how I made it.

December 19, 2010 / Tobias Mann

Christmas Break

Hey guys thought I’d let you know I’ll be away, for Christmas break. I’ll however be looking into new ideas between talking to my family. Perhaps a few videos on the terminal will be ready for release, who knows. Do check out my personal blog for updates and other articles detailing my vacation. I may do a review of Unity. Which I have spoken against in the past.


Along with the April Ubuntu 11.04 video basics series, I will also be releasing a multipart Unity Survival Guide so you guys can revert, try something new, or make the best of Unity.

If you have any important questions or remarks let me know, though I can’t guarantee an answer until New Years.

December 8, 2010 / Tobias Mann

Creating A Boxee

In this Ubuntu Video Tutorial we will be looking at installing the Boxee internet media client in Ubuntu. Boxee is a media center for internet media. Origonally designed to be used on net-tops connected to high definition TVs, but today, they have expanded, and there software works fantastical on a smaller screen. Boxee has decent support for Ubuntu, though I am using a fairly powerful system to do the testing. I was however unable to access the Netflix library, possibly because of the lack of silver light. Overall I found it to be an excellent bridge between XBMC and Miro.

December 7, 2010 / Tobias Mann

New Projects

I am looking into some new projects to produce videos on. One at the moment I am quite excited about is Mythbuntu, the media center edition of Ubuntu. I bring this up because It seems like a great topic in which I can produce multiple videos for. This is likely to end up as a page similar to that of the basics series, but I am not sure yet. Another idea that I have been toying with is to do a set of tutorial coving the use of virtualbox beyond installing ubuntu as a guest. There are all kinds of things I would like to do but have been either to busy or have run into dead ends. I have been trying to get some game tutorials put together, but they are almost always troublesome. Interested in hearing what you think. So leave a comment.

November 30, 2010 / Tobias Mann

Contribution Page Completed!


The contributions page is now live replacing what was the suggestions page. I put together this page for people who were willing to contribute to the site. In what ever way they wanted. I am really interested in seeing what people come up with and if anyone will take the incentive to produce videos for the site. Anyway most of what I am saying is already on the page so please if it isn’t to much to ask please just check it out on the menu or just use this link here